Tischlerei Kletzenbauer (Joinery)

Initual situation:

The handicraft business Kletzenbauer from Weiz produces besides furniture for private homes also office furniture for businesses. The Tischlerei Kletzenbauer plans and manufactures furniture tailored toward personal needs of the customer. The team consists of 15 people and pays special attention to form, function, exact manufacturing, and they work closely with architects.

The goal:

Communicate that Tischlerei Kletzenbauer is a high-end joinery which fulfills individual customer requests and thinks outside the box. This message should be conveyed especially at locations frequented by potential customers and selected architects.

Campaign idea:

Billboards at selected areas nearby architectural offices, important customers and potential business customers.


Campaign start:each January
Duration:4 weeks
Billboards Graz/Surrounding:   38 24/1 posters
Billboards in Weiz:12 24/1 posters




The billboard advertising created a high presence and a high response which generated over more than 200 personal responses and numerous inquiries. A big success for a small business. The effect of the positive image was remarkable. The brand Kletzenbauer could be significantly activated in Styria and has become more relevant.


Peter Kletzenbauer