Initial situation:

The Rösselmühle was one of the oldest mills in Austria and was shut down in 2014 as the last mill in Graz. The parent company in Upper Austria, however, decided to keep the brand Rösselmehl and started a strong marketing campaign in Styria and especially in Graz.

The goal:

Besides the print campaign, there should be a continuous advertising campaign during several months in Graz, the second largest city in Austria.

Campaign idea:

Transport Media was selected as adequate advertising with the creative branding of a modern train, the Variobahn. The „Total-Look-Branding“ seems very emotional and the advertisement reaches highly-frequented places and trains, where other types of advertisment are hardly possible.

Starting date:   October 1, 2015
Duration:6 months with the option to prolong the campaign


At the beginning of the baking season, Ankünder brought the traditional brand Rösselmehl together with the Variobahn back on track and back to the heads of the consumers. This was a visible renaissance which had a positive effect on the business that winter. Considering the environment, the Variobahn was printed on with PVC-free foil without any softener. 

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