Raiffeisen Styria – "Welcome home"-Campaign



Initial situation:

Raiffeisen is very close to its Styrian customers like no other bank and it communicates this also in its outdoor advertising. On the subject of living space, Raiffeisen is by far the largest financing bank. This goes along with a continuous customer communication, which over the years has been implemented by high quality out-of-home-campaigns.

The goal:

The leading position in housing financing should be expanded by a „Welcome home“ information-campaign. Outdoor advertising is an inherent part because it reaches a broad audience and quickly extends media penetration. Outdoor advertising cannot be dismissed, blocked, or turned over; it is generally seen as very friendy.

Campaign idea:

The broad out-of-home-campaign in the whole of Styria is counting on the high quality City-Lights, which show its full effect especially in the evening and at night. Like always, we use a specific and emotional subject. It connects the nest as a visual anchor to the slogan "Welcome home". Together, they convey the message of financing your home with the number 1.


Campaign start:  January 4, 2016
Duration:2 weeks
Campaign Styria:   425 City Lights
200 24/1 posters
92 poster lights
14 days video wall


The advertisement of Raiffeisen bank Styria caused quite a stir.

An analysis of the media penetration showed that the campaign in Graz reached 93 per cent and in Styria 70 per cent. This means that 93 per cent of all people in Graz saw the campaign. With 12 million contacts, the billboards reached a very high media penetration.

Short statement:

"We are happy that we have found a competent and reliable partner in Ankünder who implemented our outdoor advertising. We are very satisfied which is reflected in our longterm cooperation." Mag. Brigitte Hofer (Head of Marketing at Raiffeisen Landesbank Steiermark)

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