Checklist for designing a billboard

Besides the many tips and tricks how to design a billboard, the following checklist can also help you to remember the most important questions to ask yourself when designing a billboard.

Checklist for designing a billboard

  • Main message & headline Did I pay attention to the KISS-principle?
  • Number of words Can the main message be understood in 1-2 seconds?
  • Length of stay of passers-by Is it a situation where people just pass by or do they stay for a while?
  • Communication of the picture Does the picture support the message?
  • Intuitive glance In what order to people look at the elements of the billboard?
  • Product size and positioning Does the size of the product match the billboard size?
  • The logo of the sender Can the logo of the sender be clearly identified?
  • Font and font size Is it legible when people are 50-100 meters away?
  • Position of text Is the text well-positioned?
  • Content of the text Is the content comprehensible and easy to understand?
  • Colors and contrast Do the colors and the contrast support the attention?
  • Codes and symbols Do the codes and symbols match the target group?
  • The vampire-effect Who is the protagonist and who is the supporting character?
  • Billboards with text only Are the words strong enough and do they stand out?
  • Eye-catcher Is the eye-catcher big enough?

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