Large-format posters


The billboard poster is the outdoor advertising classic. Familiar to everyone, it is the ideal medium for rapidly establishing a high profile. It blends words and images in a powerful message and gets ideas across instantly and with absolute precision wherever it is in reach of the public. This broad public is comprised of people who are out and about – on their way to and from work – shopping – relaxing – living.

The poster is the total coverage champion and is ideal for broad-based campaigns throughout Austria and for targeted regional use. The formats cater for every requirement too: from 8/1 sheet posters which are easy on your budget to high-impact 72/1 sheet posters. Posters are available for and rise to every creative challenge.

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Mein Plakat - eine große Sache für Privatpersonen!


Buchen Sie bei uns 1 Großplakat für Ihren persönlichen Anlass um € 220,00 inkl. Steuern und Gestaltung laut Motiven für 2 Wochen an Ihrem Wunschstandort.


Hier können Sie mit einem Plakat in Ihrer Nähe gratulieren oder danke sagen!


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