10 reasons for outdoor advertising

Expand Box Good visibility day and night – "OMNIPRESENT"

Outdoor advertising is ever-present and reliable. Out-of-home advertising can be seen by your target group 24 hours a day. More and more people spend their time outdoors due to rising mobility.

Expand Box A likeable advertising tool – "HIGH APPROVAL RATE"

Up to 91% of the people agree that outdoor advertising seems likeable. Billboards do not bother anyone, are socially learned and integrated into the city furniture.

Expand Box A reliable advertising partner – "INEVITABLE"

Outdoor advertising cannot be dismissed, blocked or turned over. You get what you pay for. And even more! Outdoor advertising works from the first to the last letter – in all its glory.

Expand Box An efficient and inexpensive advertising tool – "AFFORDABLE"

Outdoor advertising is more affordable than other types of advertising and at the same time increases the media penetration in just a few days.

Expand Box An activating sales tool – "OUTDOOR ADVERTISING SELLS"

Outdoor advertising can be precisely selected and has a strong influence at the POS. No other classic advertising tool is closer to its POS where it can prompt emotions. As you know, more than 70% of all sales happen spontaneously, only 30% are planned.

Expand Box A bigger and more varied advertising tool – "SIZE MATTERS"

Outdoor advertising works because of its size. It cannot be overlooked and is available in various ways and, therefore, very flexible.

Expand Box A champion in extendin media penetration – "WORKS IMMEDIATELY"

Outdoor advertising extends the media penetration very quickly and reaches a broad audience in just a short time.

Expand Box An advertising tool that gets people excited – "HIGH IMPACT"

Outdoor advertising offers many creative possibilities and special ways of advertising (ambient media) with a high impact in order to connect your product to your target group in the best possible way. Many campaigns are remembered permanently and have become classics. 

Expand Box An increasingly interactive media – "DIGITALIZATION & INTERACTION"

Thanks to the latest technology (beacons, QR-code NFC, augmented reality), many possibilities for communication and interaction are possible via smart phone (digital-out-of-home)

Expand Box A tool also for younger target groups – "ACCESSIBLE"

Außenwerbung erreicht besonders gut jüngere und sehr mobile Zielgruppen. Diese sind sonst, aufgrund ihrer Zugehörigkeit zu unterschiedlichster Jugendkulturen, nur sehr schwer zu „greifen“.

Outdoor advertising reaches especially the young and mobile target groups. They are otherwise difficult to reach because of their affiliation with various youth groups.